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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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him, but investigators determined that story wasn't adding up. >> the police deserve credit. they returned to this scene, and they didn't take the first order. they continued to investigate it. they did a very good job of investigating the case. >> reporter: gillette facing attempted murder assault, attempted sexual abuse, and false imprisonment. the state attorney's office continues to investigate to see if there could be more victims. irvin hall believes there are. >> i'm sure there are other people out there that he might have done this to. maybe they come forward. if there are, i sure wish there were, put this sick guy away. >> reporter: that officer has now been suspended without pay. he's now being held without bond. if he's convicted on these serious charges, he faces up to life in prison. in palmer park darcy spencer, "news 4 today."
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>> mt. rainier's police chief michael scott told news 4 he was shocked about this indictment. "it kind of comes at you from left field. you don't expect it from an officer of that caliber. we all thought very highly of him, very successful, very dedicated officer." >> 4:31 now early in the morning. let's see what kind of day we're going to have. it was a nicer day with that low humidity. >> it was. turned out to be a nicer day. and by popular acclaim we're going to repeat it. low humidity in place this morning. temperatures under a clear sky with the summer constellations twinkling, down into the low 70s in the suburbs and rural areas. don't have any reports of fog this morning like we did yesterday, as the humidity has dropped since yesterday. right now it's still a bit warm right on the warm waters of the potomac near 71. away from the waters in the 70s. 60s out in the mountains of
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western maryland and west virginia. dawn is at 6:05 this morning. there is the washington monument under a clear sky now. and by 9:00 with bright sun and a blue sky, we'll be into the low 80s. we'll be hitting the upper 80s to around 90 by noontime. and the low, perhaps mid-90s, by afternoon. today a dry heat a sun block day on this wednesday, the 27th day of july. by late afternoon we'll still be right around 90 degrees. a look at your night planner coming up in about ten minutes. let's have a look at your traffic this wednesday morning. hi danella. >> hi good morning. happy wednesday to you. i'm checking the roadways and they look really good. let's start out in d.c. this is new york avenue and florida avenue. besides that construction that's going to be a headache a little bit later, i know we want our lanes, right now it is clear in d.c. so far i see no incidents stopping or hindering your commute this morning. shoot over to the beltway in
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virginia at route 1. virginia beltway, both sides look great. and up in maryland as well inner loop and outer loop all looks clear for you. back to you, eun and joe. >> danella, thank you. a suicide bomber has killed the mayor of kandahar afghanistan. afghan officials say the assassination happened at the mayor's office just after he arrived for work this morning. the mayor had been mentioned as a man who might replace afghani president hamid karzai's half brother within karzai's inner circle. landslides killed at least 19 people and left one child missing in south korea. heavy rains caused the deadly landslides. rescue workers tried to save those trapped. about 800 homes are flooded. the debt showdown has hit another snag. house speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt ceiling is scheduled for a vote
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tomorrow. his plan would cut spending by less than $1 trillion over the next year rather than the $1.2 trillion he had said. meanwhile, the white house has threatened to veto the speaker's bill if it were to pass both houses. another vote on a competing plan proposed by democratic senator harry reid has yet to be scheduled. once the vote has taken place, congressman david wu has said he will leave office. he is bowing to political pressure following a report in the oregonian newspaper that he had a sexual encounter with the daughter of a childhood friend and campaign donor. you need to leave this area. >> illinois congressman luis gutierrez is scheduled to be on capitol hill today, one day after his arrest in front of the white house. u.s. park police say that the democrat was among a dozen people charged with disobeying an official order. gutierrez told demonstrators
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that president obama cannot entirely blame republicans for blocking immigration reform. he says the president can stop deporting immigrants who have deep roots in the u.s. gutierrez was released after paying a $100 fine. he was arrested after a similar demonstration last year outside the white house. today members of the u.s. army will hold a ceremonial farewell at the walter reed army medical center as it prepares to shut down. the hospital first opened in 1909 and has treated some 18,000 troops as well as president dwight eisenhower. it was slated to close in 2005 when a commission voted to merge the hospital with bethesda naval. walter reed will officially close its doors on december 18th. al qaeda is on the brink of collapse. authorities tell "the washington post" that the death of osama bin laden along with cia drone attacks are major factors in the weakening of that terror network. defense secretary leon panetta made similar tamts earlier this
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month. he said the u.s. is within reach of defeating al qaeda. however, officials note that al qaeda's crippled network does not mean it or its affiliates are not capable of attacks. the redskins are already making moves in what is just the beginning of a frantic week and one of the first orders of business seems to be getting rid of donovan mcnabb. according to multiple reports, the vikings are in talks with the skins to acquire the veteran quarterback. the holdup is mcnabb's contract which the vikings will want to restructure so they don't have to pay him as much money. one man back in the burgundy and gold is santana moss. he's the first skins free agent to get re-signed. moss agreed to a three-year deal worth $15 million. $6 million of that is guaranteed. he had one of his most productive seasons last year pulling in a career high 93 catches for more than 1,100 yards and six touchdowns. new from overnight espn reports redskins agreed to a deal with new york giants
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offensive line man cofield. the replacement for haynesworth will sign his contract on friday. the 27-year-old cofield is coming off one of his best years with a career high 54 tackles and 4 sacks last season for the giants. replacement or not, albert haynesworth's agent says the $100 million distraction plans to show up at camp when the players are required to report tomorrow. it's no secret that haynesworth underperformed on the field last season and got into plenty of trouble off the field. the former pro bowler was suspended for the last four games of the season and was publicly criticized by defensive coordinator jim haslett. now some leaders in the locker room are speaking out. >> it wears you out. we try to say it don't. we don't want to talk about it. albert don't want to talk about it. we want to focus on us as a team. last year and years previous we talked about individuals that
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had problems with the organization and stuff like that instead of trying to go out there and perform well. >> so far there's been little interest from other teams in acquiring haynesworth. if the lockout has you longing for some football as soon as possible redskins practices will soon be open to the public. beginning this saturday, july 30th, fans will be able to get into redskins park to watch the teamwork out. gates open at 8:30 in the morning. you need a training camp fan invitation but you can get those through e-mail by heading over to and filling out a simple form. fans can attend 11 practices this season. d.c. mayor vincent gray will sign a bill to protect student-athletes from discussions. the student council unanimously passed it earlier this month. the law requires d.c. student-athletes to be removed from practice or play at even the suspicion of a concussion. players cannot return until they get written clearance from a
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doctor. the d.c. student protection act will establish a training program and educational materials on the nature and risk of head injuries. it is now 4:38. 78 degrees. ahead, the major change to bring bathroom equality to the capitol.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on the ones early on this wednesday morning at 4:41. it's a pleasant morning with temperatures in the 60s in the mountains and parts of the shenandoah valley. blue ridge east we're in the low 70s most locations, except right in washington, right by the bay, it's near 80 degrees there. and there's the view from our city camera showing the washington monument under a clear sky this morning. we'll have lots of sunshine again today like yesterday and a blue sky. highs reaching the upper 80s to low, maybe even mid-90s by early to midafternoon with the low humidity in place. then this evening here's your "night planner." we'll have our temperatures in the 80s through the evening under a clear sky. a few clouds coming in by late evening. by then we'll be back down into the upper 70s. a look at changes on the way for thursday friday, and into the weekend. we'll look at that into the first part of next week too. danella, good morning.
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how's traffic? >> good morning. early morning traffic looks great. i'm checking the roadways, and so far you have a clear commute if you're hitting the roadways. let's take a look at area bridges. key bridge is clear as we shoot over to the 14th street bridge. southeast bridges look good as well. i'm checking them. there's nothing blocking your commute this morning. as we head over to the american legion bridge all is clear, as well as the woodrow wilson bridge. it's a great time to be on the roads. back to you, eun and joe. >> it is indeed. thanks danella. our time right now 4:43. still to come the reason employees in one local county are upset about plans for a raise.
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4:45 is the time. fairfax police need you to take a look at these surveillance pictures. take a good look. the man is a suspected serial slasher. police say he has cut several young women and specifically targeted their back sides. these pictures were from monday's attack at the fair oaks mall. police believe he's the same man responsible for three other cases in the fair oaks area. one at the tyson's corner mall. another in the greenbrier shopping center. yet another bear sighting has people in loudoun county on edge. this one walked right through someone's front yard. news 4's jackie benson spoke with the woman who took the photos just off route 15 in leesburg. >> i'm talking to my husband on the phone. i'm going, hi, honey, and we're in the middle of the conversation. and i go there's a bear -- there's a bear in the yard! >> reporter: it was not something you'd expect to see on a manicured suburban front lawn but there it was, a bear. it was captured by michelle after the usual drama you expect
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from a bear by your house. >> my mom comes in the room. there's a bear. there's a bear. i'm thinking she's lying. this is just a joke >> we're all staring out the window and looking at the bear in the woods in our backyard. we clicked this picture, and the bear continued to walk across the street between those two houses. >> reporter: there have been several bear sightings in the leesburg area in recent months. experts say it's the time of year that 2-year-old cubs leave the den. with more open space being lost each year to development, man and bear are crossing paths more often. animal control officials advise the following. do leave the bear alone. don't leave food outside that will attract them in the first place. this includes open bowls of pet food and a dirty barbecue grill drip pan. >> we were definitely afraid. my brother actually ran outside because he was trying to get more pictures of the bear. me and my mom were freaking out but not wanting to go outside to get him in case there was another bear like mama bear. >> reporter: animal behavior experts say it's not such a surprise the bear ended up in this front yard.
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take a look back there, a heavily wooded area and just across the street, another wooded area. the experts theorize that the bear was trying to find a new home. reporting from leesburg, jackie benson news 4. you may soon have to walk or drive a little farther to mail a package or buy a book of stamps. dozens of post offices in our area may soon be closing. that includes the potomac office in alexandria. in all, as many as 3,700 post offices may be closing their doors as the inspethctor general looks to save money. you can view all the post offices slated for closing by going to and searching "post office." the british media reports the man who admitted to carrying out the attacks in norway planned to inject poison into bullets. last night norwegians gathered to mourn the 76 victims killed in the shooting spree and bombing. they left candles and flowers
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outside the main cathedral in oslo. the attack is the worst in norway in modern history. jurors who deliberated the case against casey anthony will remain unidentified for now. judge belvin perry implemented what he calls a three-month cooling off period to protect the jury's safety but he said he could not find an exemption in florida's public records law that would allow hem to keep the names private permanently. one juror quit her job and left town because she feared for her life. the orlando jury found casey anthony not guilty of killing caylee and guilty of four counts of lying to investigators. thanks but no thanks is what some fairfax county employees are saying to a raise. they claim they should be getting more money. there are 11,000 fairfax county employees who haven't received a raise in years because of budget shortfalls. now the county has a projected budget surplus, and they want to give workers a 1.53% raise.
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they say it won't cover the cost of health insurance. they want a raise of 3.5% the same as employees in other counties. >> loudoun county awarded their employees a 3% raise. arlington is awarding their employees 4%. the retirees received 3% and the fairfax county public school employees will receive an average of 3.5%. so we feel we need to receive a 3.5% raise just to stay keep up with the surrounding jurisdictions. >> fairfax county's board of supervisors expects to make a final decision on what to do with the surplus in september. men and women have more than just an equal vote now on capitol hill. the new women's room has just opened off the house floor. i personally can't vouch for it, but it's supposed to be pretty nice just as nice as the nearby men's room. imagine that.
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the restroom was built in response to a legal complaint filed in 2007. there is some speedy action for you. four years it took to get a women's room on capitol hill off the house floor. well it claimed that the men's room -- the complaint did said the men's room was much nicer and closer to the house floor than the women's room. and the new loo used to be the parliamentarian's office, which raises the obvious question whether the parliamentarian -- he's in the second stall from the left in the men's room. the west nile virus is back in washington. the d.c. department of health reports mosquitoes tested positive for west nile in woodly park adams morgan, and north cleveland park. the virus can spread from mosquitoes to human and cause fever, fatigue, headaches, and rash. in rare cases west nile can cause serious neurological problems and even death. happy meals are about to get healthier. beginning in september,
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mcdonald's will add a half order of apples and cut the fries in half. it's part of a new program to cut sugar, saturated fats, and calories. first lady michelle obama praised the move. she is leading the way to fight childhood obesity. >> that is a welcome change. a small step in the right direction. >> every step counts. >> all right. let's check the forecast. tom, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. >> we've got happy weather to go along with your happy meal. >> i need a little toy with that. >> all right. come by my office later. we will have temperatures around the region hot by midafternoon. it will be a dry heat. right now there's the sky over the washington monument, and it's mostly clear now. 81 though at reagan national. and that's kind of elevated because the right on the sort of milky lukewarm waters of the potomac. away from the waters, it's down into the 70s in most locations. the humidity not too bad. got a light northerly breeze now. temperatures out in the mountains in the 60s. a cool start there in much of western maryland and west
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virginia. we'll have it hold steady in the low 70s in the suburbs of rural areas here for another couple of hours. that's where we are now in montgomery arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. southern maryland and near the chesapeake bay, most locations in the 70s. right on the waters, it's near 80 degrees. the view from space over the last 12 hours, we have a few showers and thunder showers, panhandle of west virginia overnight. those have since dissipated. we now have a clear sky thanks to high pressure in place. again, with the low humidity around, we'll have a beautiful day on the way. and we'll have our temperatures by 9:00 climbing into the low 80s. sunrise at 6:05. by noontime upper 80s. by midafternoon mid-80s to -- i should say 80s in the mountains but low to mid-90s in much of maryland and virginia. late afternoon, we'll be near 90. during the evening, beautiful evening coming up. still not very humid. we'll be in the 80s through the evening under a clear sky. just a few clouds by late
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evening. by midnight into the upper 70s. by dawn tomorrow we'll be near 70. getting a little more humid on thursday with afternoon highs up into the mid-90s, and we'll have just a few clouds around. then on friday partly cloudy, hot and humid, up near 100 degrees on friday afternoon. but then it does look like it will be a bit cooler on saturday. quite a bit of clouds around. could get a passing afternoon storm on saturday. keep that in mind if you're going to be sailing on the bay or heading out to the beaches on saturday. might be interrupted by a late afternoon thunderstorm. here's a look at sunday and the first part of next week. sunday looks to be partly sunny. also the possibility of a passing thunder shower, mainly during the afternoon, highs near 90. and a bit less humid as we start off next week. monday and tuesday, highs low 90s. if you can check the weather 24/7 weather channel on cable. here's a look at traffic. good morning danella. >> good morning. it looks great outside. i'm checking the roadways for you, and things are clear. when i say things i mean the
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roadways. let's start out in virginia. i-66 inside and outside of the beltway in both directions, i see nothing in the roadways for you, and you are traveling at a great speed. actually, some of you need to slow down just a bit. it's a secret between you and i. i'm not going to tell youon you. this is pennsylvania avenue and 14th street. so far d.c. is clear as well as roads in maryland. this is a look at georgia avenue and 16th street. peaceful on the roadways right now. eun and joe, back to you. >> danella, thanks. 4:55 now. if you've taken the beltway through annandale lately, you might have noticed this house peering out onto the highway at gal owe gallows road. no one actually lives in that house. vdot actually owns it. it's being used as a field office for crews working on the project there. it will be demolished once the project is complete.
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>> too close for comfort. a person responsible for making it safe for bicycles was hit while crossing the street. as the city's director of planning, she plays a major role in making the streets safe for everyone who uses bicycles. her bicycle was not rideable after the crash, but she was not injured. >> thank goodness she wasn't injured. it could have been a lot worse. it is now 4:56.
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